Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark 2/500 -50*50*50 mm


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Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark 2 500 ­– Buy this large 3D printer with a building space of 500x500x500

Wanhao’s new FFF 3D printer is an impressive large-volume additive manufacturing machine. You buy a 3D printer with plenty of space and a touch screen. It’s perfect for your massive 3D prints. Get good 3D printing results quickly and easily. With the D9 MK 500 Duplicator, Wanhao takes a giant leap forward. It builds on the success of the Wanhao i3 and i3 Plus. Wanhao is famous for its affordable and rock-solid 3D printers.
Highlights of the Wanhao Duplicator D9 MK 2:

Large touch display in color
Instructions on the display are intuitive
Well-known MK10 extruder with direct drive
Fully assembled and plug&play: Start 3D printing in 10 minutes
Cura software included, compatible with Simplify3D
Auto leveling sensor for perfectly adjusted printing bed
Magnetic surface support
Resume 3D printing function
Heated print bed

Perfect entry-level 3D printer for additive manufacturing large objects

The Wanhao Duplicator D9 MK I is the perfect entry-level 3D printer for manufacturing large components. With an impressive footprint of500x500x500 mm, you can produce large objects additively. The Wanhao D9 has a heatable construction platform. This allows even better traction of your 3D prints and reduces warping. For even better filament adhesion, we recommend using PEI or BuildTak film on the print bed.
Precise extruder

The well-known MK10 extruder enables you to feed filaments precisely. The material is drawn in directly at the extruder and fed to the hot end. This method has the advantage of a more stable and uniform extrusion of the filament. In addition, a magnetic construction platform makes it easier for you to remove your components easily and non-destructively.

Download data sheet here:

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The Duplicator 9/500 printer
Single Step exstruder MK10
1x spool holder
Hex Wrench and bolt Kit
1 x SD card
2 x Wanhao platform tape
10 meters PLA filament
1 x Power supply cable
1 x USB A to B cable
1 x filament stand


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