Creality CR-10S Pro v2 – 300*300*400 mm


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This 3D printer is the perfect machine for all users who want a reliable and accurate 3D printer from a well-known manufacturer without spending a lot of money. 3D print with it accurate and precise.
Product features Creality CR-10S Pro:
Easy operation thanks to a full-color touch display
Automatic levelling enables easy adjustment of the construction platform
Continue 3D printing & filament detection
Precise material feed thanks to two gear drive

New updated version of the popular CR-10S Pro – Meet the CR-10S Pro v2

Updates are are marked in red below

Amazing build volume! 300x300x400mm (12x12x16in.)
AUTO LEVELING with Genuine Antclabs BL TOUCH
Dual gear extruder for more filament versatility
MEANWELL 24V Power Supply
Aluminum build plate has better thermal conductivity than glass
The Creality CR-10S PRO V2 has an all metal frame and a heated print bed
Dual Lead Screw design will stabilize the printer on larger, tall prints
Filament Sensor NEW DESIGN will alert you when the filament has ran out or broken
Bondtech dual gear drive
3D Prints PLA, PETG, PC, TPU, Copper and Wood fill (ABS with enclosure)
The CR-10S PRO V2 offers a SD card reader and USB connectivity
Compatible with Simplify3d, Cura, Slic3r and Repetier Host software
0.4 mm nozzle included with 1 spare .4mm
All tools needed for assembly are included